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Fluid conveyance from one point to the other is something that requires meticulous planning and premium quality material in order to reduce downtime and to secure the environment. We, at Hosepoint, practice this everyday and have mastered the art.


Our Products

A fluid conveyance system comprises of quite a few components, e.g. hydraulic hoses and fittings, quick couplings, hammer unions and many more. Amongst the number of manufacturers and suppliers across the globe, we have identified the best of them and source the below-mentioned premium quality hoses & fittings from them.

SEL (an Eaton brand) Hydraulic, Thermoplastic & Industrial Hoses NCR Industrial Hoses Vitillo Hydraulic Fittings Inteva Quick Couplings Sunpool Industrial Hose Connections ABCO Hammer Unions Goodall/Copper State Oilfield Specialty & BOP Hoses Iy-lok Instrumentation Tubing, Fittings & Valves

Our Services

We have the strength and capability to provide our clients with a complete solution. When we say a complete solution, it is obvious that right from sourcing materials to final installation, we have got it all. Find out more about our services from the below links or simply contact us for us to explain.

Sourcing Material

We select the best available raw materials from across the globe to deliver the unmatched quality.
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Assembling Products

Our team of experts put the pieces together to give you what you want. They are all qualified experts.
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Extreme Testing

Our strict quality control has led us to earn ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Quality is Guaranteed!
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On-site Installation

We undertake the installation task with professionalism. Zero tolerance even at this stage what we follow.
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Industries We Serve

Every industry has its own requirements. In the world of specialisation, a Marine expert may not be an expert in the Processing Industry. We understand this and have created our teams for each of the industry we serve.

We Ensure...

Client Satisfaction

We exist only because you are satisfied.

Best Product Quality

ISO 9001:2008 Certification is just a way to prove this.

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The Most Common Questions and Answers

Chances are, except in the most extreme cases, there are several hoses that will meet or exceed the parameters of your application. The most common determining criteria are pressure, temperature, motion, media, and flow. We recommend using the hose with the greatest safety margins that is within your budget. Contact us to find out what your options are.
The life expectancy of your hose assembly depends on many factors. It is important to remember that a hose is just a hose. It will not last forever. If you feel your hose is not lasting long enough, you may be using the wrong hose. To make sure you are using the right hose for your needs, give us a call and discuss your options. Environmental factors, such as abrasion of the hose outer cover or excessive environmental heat can be addressed using hose protective covers. If your hose bends repeatedly near the end fitting, a spring guard could be applied to the hose at the hose fitting to avoid the hose from kinking where the hose meets the fitting. Draining your hose when not in use is essential, especially steam hoses. Please call us for more ideas to help extend your hose life.
YES, if the hose assemblies were made in the past by Hosepoint. It’s not a big deal for us to gather information about hose assemblies that we made in the past since all information about assembled hoses is kept in our database. Because all of our hose assemblies are unique, all we need to know is the serial number of the hose assembly. You can get this information on the crimp.
Depending on the type of hose & the amount of work involved, it could take anything from a few hours to a couple of days. The earlier you intimate us about the job, the better!

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In case you have a project in your mind that you want to discuss, please feel free to get in touch with us.
You will surely get the best possible solution with us.

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